HBK is a full-service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design firm. We have provided a wide range of services throughout our existence.   Our goal is to provide what each client needs for each project. Every Project is different and every Client is different.


The investigation and preliminary research into a project are invaluable. When you have bad information, you make bad decisions. Bad decisions results in missed schedules, increased construction costs and lost revenue.

Preliminary investigation                      The Preliminary Investigation typically occurs prior to a client purchasing a building or signing a lease. This involves evaluating the MEP systems to determine how this affects the client’s preliminary concept. 

Pre-design Survey                                 The Pre-design survey typically occurs after a Letter of Intent has been issued or a Lease has been signed. The intent is to provide an “as-built” of the existing space.

Risk Analysis/Feasibility Report            The Risk Analysis/Feasibility is the evaluation of the project after the Pre-deign Survey. This identifies the potential risks. (IE costs, schedule, etc.) This report also identifies the feasibility of constructing the MEP systems to meet the client’s preliminary concept.

Code Analysis                                        The Code analysis can be a stand-alone report for a specific concept or more typically it is part of typical due diligence performed as a part of the survey or design of the project.


Post-design Survey                               While the intent is to produce a set of as-built drawings during the Pre-design survey, it may not be possible due to inaccessible ceiling or other areas of the project or limited access allowed to the project prior to client taking possession of the project. 


 Investigative/feasibility reports are typically for clients that are evaluating a building for purchase or to help develop a master plan for an organization for their buildings/properties.


In today's world one of the most critical steps in the design of buildings is the Model Energy Report. Some form of Energy Code is in effect for 99% of the United States. The Code can vary from state to state and sometimes it even varies between individual cities in a particular state. HBK’s staff has  performed energy codes for projects in almost every state in the United States. 


The Contract Documents is where the site evaluations, site surveys, code analysis and Model Energy Report come together to produce a MEP systems design for client to be able to get bids and a building permit. Depending upon the complexity of the project this may involve several milestones to provide a complete package to the client's requirments.


The primary purpose of Construction Administration is to make sure that the contractor is providing the appropriate materials and equipment per the HBK Contract Documents, the client's requirements and the local codes.

Bid Qualification Review                                  The Bid Qualification Review typically occurs prior to a client signing the contract with the bidding contractors. This involves reviewing the bids from different contractors to verify that they have included everything in their bid based on the Contract Documents. 

Shop Drawing Review                                       Shop Drawing review is the review/comparison of equipment submitted by the contractors that are intended to meet the equipment specifications of the Contract Documents.

Change Order Review                                       When owners make changes to the scope of work the contractor will typically ask for additional fees in what is called a Change Order. We review this proposed change cost to make sure the request for additional money from the contractor is justifiable and within reasonable costs.

Site Visits                                                         Many clients request us to perform site visits during construction to verify that the systems being built are consistent with what is indicated on the Contract Documents.

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